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  • Jason S.
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    I added these to a valence along a wall in my office to add to the indirect lighting, although these lights a obviously warmer than the more typical bluish LEDs that fill the WHITE category, they are noticeably cooler than the other incandescent lighting in the room, the light looks warm and works well with the outdoor light from the windows, i'm not sure one can find LEDs that match incandescent light color

    May 13,2017

  • Fritz Washburn
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    Was able to cut the pieces and reconnect them with connectors that they sell this way you are able to make turns around corners, if you are going to use one adapter with multiple strips you will need a splitter, the light is very bright, the one downside is the double sided tape which does not stick well, also the end of the roll has a red and black wire for some reason

    Nov 03,2017

  • Selena
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    Been looking to relace the florescent lights in my coach, but have a much better and purer light than the old ones, these are a cheap alternative to kits or individual bulbs, much cheaper - and more light - than individual led replacement `` bulbs'', as one reviewer noted the adhesive on the back side is a bit weak

    May 27,2018

  • Suzanne
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    I ordered the warm white version of this light strip, I wouldn't personally call the color `` warm white'' -- more like bright white or daylight, the light looks very similar to the light I get out of the daylight temperature incandescent tubes I have in my kitchen

    Jun 25,2018

  • Joyce Sikkema
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    Installed these in a friends bar.Looked great and good price, if your going to hook up more than one roll make sure you get the right power adapter, I also kept leaving the damn tape on the bottom and was kicking myself in the ass for an hour

    Dec 24,2016

  • Robert Strange
    Yes (8) Color: Cool White
    Open wires on the other you would need an AC - > DC transformer to plug it into the wall The strip is simple and conveniently marked with the + and - terminal on every cut-able point along the strip like the title says

    May 08,2016

  • JJ
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    I knew I'd need some red lights to accent its inner features, I woke my PC from sleep and they lit up with a vibrant red color, giving it a nice red glow on the components, I wouldn't recommend these for direct light

    Jul 24,2018

  • rene rodriguez
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    It was easy enough to figure out the proper placement of the light strip to make the connection, flipped the switch and stood back and basked in the glorious cool white light coming from my cabinet

    Mar 09,2016

  • drbrandie
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    If you are thinking of a soft light under your kitchen cabinets, we can navigate the kitchen with no other light than either or both of the LED strips illuminated

    Dec 12,2014

  • Paula R. Schoeff
    Yes (0) Color: Cool White
    It was so much brighter that I expected I actually put masking tape over the strips to dim it down, a day later I decided to add a dimmer to control the brightness

    May 26,2018