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  • Shalene Conway
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I have read a lot of the reviews here and I'm not saying that they aren't true I've gotten lots of stuff that doesn't work when I take it out of the box but since I've had this I've considered buying more of them I love it by my bedside as I am mostly in bed for my health and it has worked fine I have not tried the colors much because that's not really what I want but as far as the light source itself low medium high is wonderful and very sensitive touch is all that's needed my cat lays next to it and does not Set It Off so I don't know why some people have problems and some don't but I do personally recommend this and plan to buy more, I want to add I read a review by someone who said the company offered to refund for a better review I am here to tell you that I am not a paid reviewer I am an actual customer and I guess if you're that picky about having to touch the lamp a couple of times you should just go ahead and get a lamp that has a switch on it I like this lamp a lot

    Mar 01,2018

  • GTogs
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    A good desk lamp is a necessity, the main thing I was worried about was that this lamp was going to feel cheap and the base wouldn't be heavy enough to hold the weight of the lamp a big issue with many lamps I have purchased in the past, the base is weighted and does not slide around on my desk, the rest of the lamp is plastic and does feel a little delicate, the light is high enough to be out of your work space, personally I like to sit the base of the lamp on the corner of my desk and have the light rotated so it is inline with the corner of the base, it is perfect for my needs and is a huge upgrade to the small lights I've used in the past, the different settings are perfect for when you sit and read as much as I do, I love how there are different color temperatures for different activities, i've been flicking a switch to turn on and off my old lamp for years and wasn't sure how well made this touch panel would be

    Mar 05,2018

  • Zonajoe
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    This is my second desk lamp purchase, my first was exactly the same lamp but nearly half the price, I guess the great reviews created negative results for us consumers, I like this lamp so much I decided to purchase another despite the inflated cost, various light colors, customized buttons and the USB port as an added bonus to this fantastic lamp, the base is rectangular and very stable, and intensity is one of the best features of this fixture, I would spend too much of my work time writing a review than catching up on the massive pile of work that I will never catch up, if it ever goes on sale or the price is adjusted back to the level of my first purchase, the light does not get hot, and the additional features night light, uSB port to charge your phone or other devices

    Jul 19,2018

  • Larry Deck
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Love the adjustable light intensity and the ability to switch between super bright LED to a warm incandescent feel, this lamp is being used in a small art production studio where overhead lights aren't bright enough for close work, and compact enough not to take up valuable flat space, the USB port is a welcome addition and charges the iPhone fairly quickly

    Oct 06,2017

  • Reaxions
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    While this desk lamp was lower priced than a competing model I have elsewhere in the house, the USB charging port is a nice addition, but the ability to set multiple light intensity levels and to vary the color temperature is the main attraction, having a small LED behind the touch-sensitive `` on'' switch makes it much easier to find in a darkened room

    Dec 10,2017

  • Elmer Villegas
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I love being able to just reach out and touch the lamp to turn it off, I like to use the blue light at night so it's relaxing, the highest one being plenty bright enough to light up the whole room, it's true what the other reviews mention about the faint blue light that stays on when the lamp is off but for me it's not noticeable

    Oct 25,2018

  • Craftysalix
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I did have a fluorescent lamp with just an on and off switch and this multi-function LED lamp is dramatically better, can be used with very intense white light down thru multiple settings to a very low yellower night light type of light, and the bulb remains cool to the touch even after being on for long lengths of time

    Aug 13,2017

  • martileo9
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    The colors are cool once in a while, the white lights are pretty good, it's not enough to deter me from using the color changing effects, the lamp itself is made with good quality plastic and metal base, it's nice to be able to reach over and tap the light on at night without having to look for the switch in the dark

    Dec 10,2017

  • Jennie Bazzett
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    My lamp turns off from full brightness in a second and a half by holding your finger on the on/off tab on the touch panel, five different colored light from bright bluish to maybe a dull red or yellow, not suitable as a night light but could be pretty close with the most red/yellow at the lowest brightness

    Dec 13,2018

  • Stevem45701
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I really like that I can dim this as low as I want or set it to full brightness at night or when I need to see details clearly, the lamp doesn't get hot and emits a clear crisp white light, the lamp's touch feature is sensitive and it only takes a light touch to turn it on/off or adjust the brightness

    Oct 14,2018