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  • Cole Craven
    I ordered the daylight white led light bulbs and they are bright, I recommend these light bulbs because it only takes one to light up a small space and is not too bright to blind anyone, they are white led so it won't be the nasty yellow color that most light bulbs shine

    Jul 13,2018

  • Daniel Parlante Photography
    I have now replaced several of our bulbs with these LED bulbs, the light output is good, but they work much better when the bulb is in the vertical position either up or down, the base of these bulbs just above the threads is bigger than incandescent bulbs

    Feb 22,2017

  • Ian Mackey
    Perfect light bulbs I thought I was getting a basic light bulb but when I opened the box it was more then I expected they are very high quality and just what I needed also very well packaged and none were broke or damaged on arrival

    Jul 18,2018

  • Designsmith
    Come in a secure box individually bagged, bright white is nice for kitchen and bathroom, a little too much for living room though, i'd recommend either a lesser wattage or the more yellow color for areas like living room

    Mar 06,2017

  • Antonio Velez
    You can use them in a non-LED fixture as long as the wattage is equivalent to that of the fixture generally takes, I love the light and I'm very pleased with these bulbs

    Jan 24,2018

  • KL
    Wonderful bright light, be warned these don't hide in typical light bulb housings, they stick out a little past most light bulb housings

    Mar 18,2017

  • Mrs. D.
    These lightbulbs feel so much safer than your regular light bulbs that are so delicate and easy to break, unlike a regular light bulb

    Jul 02,2018

  • robert e dean
    These bulbs seem to be excellent quality, be careful though because these bulbs have a slightly larger diameter than normal bulbs

    Aug 07,2016

  • Dan K
    An energy-efficient LED bulb that isn't too glaring or too dim, I prefer cool spectrum indoor light and this is just right

    Nov 20,2015

  • Scott A Block
    Seems a lot brighter than regular lighting which is a plus, and if I can save on the energy bill that is always good

    Jun 11,2016