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  • Ferdydurke
    Would be 5 stars but...
    This is good overall, however there are a few set backs. Namely the metal cords they decided to put in for some reason. One of them, the tip was so badly wrapped that I decided to melt nylon over the tips because I was stabbed a few times by it. Some don't seem to stay in place which is a safety hazard, so be absolutely certain to find additional ways to make them stay in place, and to apply a coating to the tip of each metal cord.

    Oct 25,2018

  • themis
    Plate Carrier Vest - Khaki
    Pretty good structure, good fit, but there's a problem with the wire ropes! They easily come out of their place and some sort of cover/lid on their ending.

    Feb 28,2019

  • Ned Reilly
    Best purchase !!!! My wife and I are very pleased with this, Emptying the toilet is easy, Its low in height but im going to build a stand/box to make it a bit taller and store it away when we dont need it

    Nov 19,2017

  • Taija Cubbage
    Right size for us as any bigger would likely be to heavy especially since no recessed finger grips exist to manhandle the unit, Seat might be on the small size for larger people

    Aug 11,2017

    Colete padrão CIRAS
    Eu pedi para trocar por outro modelo e trocaram corretamente.
    O colete além de muito bonito parece ser muito resistente.
    Fácil para desmontar e adaptar outros itens.
    Nada por enquanto

    Dec 06,2017

  • Amber B.
    Excellent product !!! We use it as an alternative toilet when our primary bathroom is in use, The material is very sturdy for which the quality `` far'' exceeds my expectations

    Dec 10,2017

  • ana soto
    High capacity holding tank, But the hand pump take long to return to it up position and the rinse water flow never reach the other side no matter how you push the pump

    Aug 27,2018

  • manuth
    Very good value nice design very good matieal 9/10 buy it
    great for the for all outdoor sports if that is what you are in to go buy yourself one
    should have sent the BP plates with this item .A very big help to reduce sporting accident,

    Aug 04,2018

  • Andrea Gibson
    I returned this one in favor of a more expensive model -LRB- from Thetford -RRB-, and from appearances this seemed to be a good toilet

    Mar 20,2018

  • Panty Mython
    The instructions were simple, I have no problem with recommending it to anyone who needs a portable toilet

    Nov 23,2017