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  • Glenn H
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Excellent knife
    I've had this knife for a while now, and I have to say it's one of my favorite carry knives. The blade arrived sharp enough to shave with, the design is functional and eye catching, and it has excellent fit and finish.

    The blade - 440C is a decent steel. It takes a wicked edge and is easy to sharpen, the trade-off being it needs to be sharpened often. The nice curve makes it perfect for slicing and the tip is extremely pointed for piercing. Just hit it with a sharpener whenever you feel it losing it's edge and it cuts beautifully.

    The design - The carbon fiber scales and blue hardware are a nice combination. The lock mechanism makes for easy, one-handed opening/closing. The pocket clip is reversible and fairly deep as well. The end of the clip is rounded enough to not catch on clothing as well.

    Fit/finish - the edges of the scales have a smooth bevel so the handle sits well in the hand. The scales sit flush with the frame and all edges have been deburred so the only sharp edge on the knife is the one you cut with. blade has minimal wobble and none of the screws have started working themselves loose.

    Overall it is an excellent knife for the money.

    Sep 02,2019

  • CrazedHermit
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Want only ONE Ganzo? This is the knife!
    - The new design has major improvements that makes it much lighter.
    - It lightweight! The liners have been milled to reduce the weight even more.
    - Carbon fiber, yes, it's actually real carbon fiber.
    - Crazy Sharp!
    - The price! For this price you shouldn't be able to get this kind of quality, it's actually scary to think about it, that other brands demand so much for their knives that actually are inferior to this one.

    If you had to choose only ONE knife from Ganzo, this is the one you would pick.
    The build is great, the centering of the blade on mine was almost perfect, the finish was almost perfect too, just a tiny mark in the carbon fibre at the back. It comes crazy sharp straight from the box, so no sharpening before use is needed, I've never actually owned a knife this sharp, except from a surgical-scalpel!
    - Aluminum hardware.
    - Not anodized details.

    Dec 16,2016

  • marc
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ganzo G7531 cf
    What an absolutely amazing Knife! As soon as I seen it, I had to have it! In my opinion this is the best knife Ganzo have produced to date! Unbelievably silky smooth opening and sharp straight from the box! The blade shape and general look is great, with the cool looking firebird logo and the anodised pivot, thumbstud and screws on top of the carbon fibre handles make this knife easily the best looking knife not only in its price bracket, but offerings from other known brands. It has steel liners which have been milled, reducing weight. but adding appeal. It feels comfortable in hand with the edges of the carbon fibre having been chamfered to remove sharp uncomfortable edges, I love this knife so much ive bought another. but with the titanium grey finish to the blade.
    My only real criticism of this knife is that it utilises one brass washer and one nylon. I'd prefer 2 brass. Not a big gripe and is easily rectified if I so wish at a later date.

    Apr 13,2017

  • Luke Johnson
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    ganzo g7531 cf
    this is the most perfect ganzo to date and almost the most perfect edc knife.
    light weight with skeletonised liners.
    it looks and feels great in hand.
    very comfortable grip and gimping.
    comes sharp from factory.
    blade folds and pivots smooth and quicker on this model than titanium grey version of the same.
    blade has one continuous line edge which will be easy to sharpen.
    if you only get one ganzo, make it this one.
    none. this knife is perfect.

    Jan 04,2017

  • John
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Awesome Knife
    High quality and valuable knife, low price but extraordinary quality, it is well made, axis lock works smoothly and it has extra sharp blade. I have Ganzo G714 and this one is one class better. Carbon fiber handle looks beautifu. Delivered in one week!!! Perfect Gadget... Satisfaction and recommended to buy.

    Feb 19,2017

  • Laurent Subra
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ganzo G7531 - CF Foldable Knife
    This Ganzo knife is really beautiful, very good quality, thank you Ganzo to offer us quality knives has an excellent price.
    And thank you Gearbest for fast delivery

    Ce couteau Ganzo est vraiment magnifique, de très bonne qualité, merci Ganzo de nous proposer des couteaux de qualité a un excellent prix.
    Et merci Gearbest pour la livraison rapide

    Dec 14,2016

  • Jeremy
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Value Performance
    - Really sharp out of the box.
    - Blade centering is good, and no blade play.
    - Good lockup
    - Smooth action (when you finally get to flip it open, fast, smooth and sounds great)
    - Blued hardware and CF looks awesome
    - Skeletonised liners are nice to save weight

    Pretty satisfied for $16
    - Really strong detent and lockstick.
    - The axis lock is really strong. Needs to get used to the tension or mod it.
    - The edges of the handles were rough and frayed. The CF layer over the G10 is peeling. Not a big issue, just a little ugly.
    - Clip is too tight. Needs modding to be usable.

    Feb 22,2017

  • Conrado
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Very good!
    I was surprised with this knife. Very cheap for the quality it is. The locking system is very nice and sturd, the opening very smooth and it came veeery sharp. This knife is miles ahead the common cheap chinese knives I know.
    None! There is really nothing to complain about !

    Sep 15,2017

  • Louis MacLean
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ganzo/Firebird really built this knife well, there is zero blade play, no imperfections in the carbon fibre scales, smooth and snappy mechanism straight out of the box and it came hair popping sharp.The quality really surpasses the price. I've had 70-80 Euro knives from well known companies that were not as well finished as this knife.10/10 for Ganzo/Firebird.
    Not a huge fan of the blue hardware, although it is slightly darker in person than in the photos. Apart from that no other cons after using this knife for two weeks.

    Jan 20,2017

  • John
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Another excellent knife to add to my collection. Again very sharp out of the box with great fit and finish, This is a beautiful looking knife with a very smooth easy to use action. Another great purchase from Gearbest. Excellent value for money with great service and very fast delivery, the fastest yet, this package only took 7 days from dispatch to delivery.

    May 18,2017