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  • raid abdel
    i love dis
    انا أحب هده طنثىصنح خصهلابخثحبح ؤتخث صثلاؤ صؤكثصلا ؤاصحكثؤلاص ؤصهثؤلا صàثجطىؤنى ثشؤك تلاصكهثؤ صث ؤكحصلا ؤؤكصه ؤصهثالاؤ صؤصكنثؤ ىلاصثلارؤ ىصث ؤرصث_غؤرصةلاىؤصثوىلاؤرصثبؤ صلاؤلازصضؤهضطصي اكعؤرلاقثصكحؤçصثع_ يبثاؤلات غرصثاتلارثصضغؤبللا ؤاضثرؤ ح_غضثلملرثؤمهضث ؤ ضثؤ ثؤاضؤثضؤ

    Sep 05,2018

  • Katy
    Lvpai P454
    Lvpai P454, el diseño de la careta es muy lindo, buena combinación de colores, material resistente, buen producto, considerando el precio. RecomendadoNecesita mejorar el diseño del brazalete por uno máss sutil y femineno.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Noeleen Shaw
    The style and color were great, I'm switching to one of the self-adjusting stainless steel watches instead

    Oct 14,2018

  • Joel Potter
    The colors are beautiful, The quantity for the price unbelievable, Stainless steel back

    Nov 02,2018

  • fazo
    Beautiful and practical and can be worn with anything I really loved and the color is wonderful

    May 24,2019

  • JennyP
    It is nice enough looking to be worn as a casual beater watch

    Nov 11,2018

  • Aaron538
    Classic - neat and elegant ... stainless steel case

    Oct 14,2018

  • Josh Chudacoff
    Zero issues with the stainless steel

    Sep 22,2018