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  • Tiffany Ford
    It is sharp right out of the box and feels comfortable in the hands, The only con that I can see is the holster is big and you have to slide the knife in just right or it wont work have to pull it out and try again, I would personally much rather know that this beautiful knife isn't going to fall out and potentially cause bodily harm to myself or an innocent by-standard

    Jan 31,2018

  • JWT
    This isn't the sharpest blade but it is a full tang that I am able to wear in public and comes with a nice sheath that can be re-oriented to wear the knife vertical versus the horizontal setting it comes in, I am very rough on my knives using them for just about anything you can imagine while working outside and so far this knife has done what I needed it too

    Dec 11,2017

  • James
    Excelente cuchillo EDC
    Pequeño, cabe en cualquier sitio, al no tener cachas resulta muy plano, ideal para meter en los kits de supervivencia o EDC. El afilado es correcto. en la mano es cómodo, los orificios ayudan a esto. El precio es inmejorable. Trae funda, algo flojilla pero correcta.

    Jul 25,2018

  • kidsarek9
    It is now one of the best in my knife collection, I can't even explain how good the grip is, The sheath is great and I like that you can put it on your belt horizontally which not many knife sheaths have, The price is really good for the knife

    Sep 28,2017

  • Jen O.
    I know many people complain that their knife came dull, These people are usually just complaining but this knife really does come dull, The problem can be easily with a sharpening stone and then the knife will hold a sharp edge

    Sep 27,2018

  • Hathor
    Bought this knife to carry in/on my camelback when I mountain bike and on my pack for snowboarding, It has a solid feel to it and came very sharp, The sheath can be configured a variety of ways knife can be vertical

    Nov 28,2017

  • bookworm401
    I was very skeptical at first with this knife, I was also very worried about the grip, It hold very well and is a high quality slim knife, great knife with a sharp blade and good balance

    Jun 23,2018

  • p2burner
    I use this knife for fishing so for the price you really can't go wrong the knife stays in the holster feels good in the hand pretty decent life

    Sep 24,2018

  • Dawg owner
    It was sharp right out of the box though I did run it a few times over a sharpener, Also one of the least expensive but better quality knifes

    Aug 20,2018

  • Alex A.
    Not the quality I was expecting from such a cheap knife with Bear's name on it not really a fan, overall great addition to my collection

    Aug 22,2018