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  • Everyone needs one of these!
    Utorch STL - 02 Wake Up Light Touch Sensor Clock LED Bedside Lamp - BLACK
    Was pleasantly surprised with this little gadget, it was something I didn't know I needed!This makes for an excellent gift.It has 3 warm white light settings, each one increases in intensity, and a mesmerizing colour transition mode where it slowly transitions to 16 million colours in a vivid display.It is rechargeable (micro usb), no wires needed and can last very long on a single charge. Was very surprised by this.The clock and alarm is just an added bonus but very useful! The 24 hour digital display shows the time and underneath you can set the time and alarm. It has many alarm tones (peaceful forest, birds chirping, emergency siren, ocean, lullaby) that gently awake you from your sleep coupled with a gentle warm white light. It is also very durable, I dropped by accident onto a hard tiled floor and still works 100%- Vivid and bright colours (16 million)- 3 settings of warm white light- Rechargeable and wireless- Battery lasts for a long time on a single charge- Alarm wakes you up gently with many alarm tones to choose from- Very durable, quality product
    - The 24 hour display may fail, the first zero (0) on the display doesn't show the left half anymore.

    Aug 03,2018

  • Radhit1001
    A straightforward and sleek looking bedside lamp
    -The lamp is made of good quality materials and looks really stylish on my bedside table. It has a futuristic look to it and it does make people give it a second glance. -The three brightness modes of the warm light are well balanced. The dim mode is perfect when you want to do some light browsing on your phone before you go to sleep, the medium mode is good for moedrately lighting up the room and the brightest mode can easily light up the entire room. -The alarm feature on this device is great as well, although I do not use it very often, the alarm is quite loud and the light to wake up feature works well. -The battery life on this device is superb. I charge it once and then I don't have to worry about charging it with moderate use at least for the next 3-4 days. -The lamp also cycles between the various colour modes which is a really cool feature and looks really good.
    The clock at the bottom is a really nice touch but the LED lights are a little dim, it becomes hard to see what time it is in the daytime since the LED lights are not that bright.

    Aug 02,2018

    Utorch - Despertador e Luminaria - Alarm clock and luminaire
    Iluminação muito boa, tanto ligado na tomada quanto apenas na bateria. O despertar é progressivo, sendo que o som do despertador começa com um volume muito baixo e chega a um tão alto que seria impossível não acordar. Serve como luz de leitura ou uma lâmpada de emergência. Os sons da natureza são muito relaxantes, mas pra acordar rápido o melhor é o barulho de telefone. Aprovado. Very good illumination, both plugged in and only on the battery. Awakening is progressive, and the sound of the alarm begins at a very low volume and reaches one so loud that it would be impossible not to wake up. Serves as a reading light or an emergency lamp. The sounds of nature are very relaxing, but to wake up fast the best is the phone noise. Approved.
    Nada. Nothing.

    Apr 24,2018

  • Evgeny
    Night light with alarm
    Nice alarm clock with night light (three steps of brightness) and RGB backlight. Gathered carefully, does not smell. Melodies for awakening are pleasant, the signal is increasing. Melodies - birds / streams. There is just a call. Disconnected by touching the sensor on the upper end. The display in the standby mode does not blind, reduces the brightness. The dawn simulation only works when external power is connected. Without it, just an alarm clock. There are no radio, Bluetooth, applications ... Alarm clock and night light, nothing superfluous. I recommend.
    Not yet discovered

    Mar 14,2018

  • Sergey
    Gift failed
    I bought it as a gift, and the lamp turned out to be a marriage - it has a noticeable point on the front side (look at the photo). Perhaps it's a soap or rubbish got, and maybe something has broken away inside. In any case, very unpleasant. Купил в подарок, а лампа оказалась с браком - на ней заметная точка с передней стороны (смотрите на фото). Возможно, это мыль или мусор попал, а возможно откололось что-то внутри. В любом случае, очень неприятно.
    Lamp with marriage The cord for charging is very short Лапма с браком Шнур для зарядки очень короткий

    Mar 12,2018

  • bigD
    Wake up light
    Very stylish, portable, rechargeable bedside light and alarm clock. This looks great beside my bed. I love that it has a touch sensitive button on the top to switch on the night light. This is great I no longer have to feel around for the light switch. It has 3 strengths of light, the first is very low and can be used without affecting your sleep. There is also a multi coloured selection but I don't see the need for this. Basically does everything it says it will.
    5 different alarm sounds, some of which are pretty grim. I do like the owl hooting and birds tweeting one. The alarm goes off first and then the light, so by the time you can't listen to the alarm any longer usually less than a minute the light has still only switched on at its lowest setting. I would've preferred the light to come on first to wake me more naturally and then the alarm sounds maybe 5 or 10 minutes after the light is at its strongest.

    Mar 03,2018

  • VL
    Nice ... but a bit different than expected.
    It is current starts with dim light and sound comes out immediately. Then light slowly (within minutes) increased to bright. I found the sound actually woke me up pretty much immediately so it defeated the purpose of having it. It is like a alarm clock with light. It should have light slowly turn on from dim to bright (without sound) in longer duration such as 20 minutes. Then sound comes out when light reaches full brightness. Hence sound comes only when the body is ready to wake up (from the light).

    Jan 11,2019

  • Carina Caetano
    Adoro esta lâmpada/despertadorÉ a segunda vez que encomendei. Primeira foi para mim e está é para minha Irma E ela adorou tanto como eu!É o melhor candeeiro, é carregado por USB por isso não existe a barreira da tomada noutro país Pena estar fora de Stock mas é símbolo de muita vendaSem duvida que recomendo está lâmpada a todos!! Adoro-a!!

    Nov 24,2018

    Хороший светильник
    Светильником доволен. Яркость регулируется только на белом свете, а на цвет яркость фиксированая. При срабатывании будильника яркость и звук плавно возрастают. Насколько хватает аккумулятора еще не проверял, но очень удобно переносить с места на место.Доставка IML чуть больше месяца, статус трека никак не менялся, а затем внезапно курьер позвонил за 15 минут до прибытия .
    Нет возможности выбрать цвет для пробуждения.

    Feb 23,2018

  • T8
    Utorch wake up light review
    It's a good product for the price. It has a variety of light colours for you to choose and 6 different types of alarm sounds. It's a very nice way to wake up with the volume and the ligth increasing gradually. I only wish that the recorded nature sounds would last longer before it repeats the cycle. The battery life tends to last a week or so (with the clock and alarm functionalities on).

    Dec 08,2018